Monday, September 28, 2009

Impeccable Timing

Last week, the very day that I made a financial plan and actually took action on that plan, I got a card in the mail from Tiffani and John. It was a thank-you card for "all the help with the girls" I gave Tiff the past few weekends I went to visit them. Now, as I told Tiff, my spending as much time as possible with Taylor and Hannah is my main goal when I head north so really, no "thanks" is necessary... but I certainly appreciate the gesture! And I am happy to "help" with the girls anytime!

Along with the thank-you note, Tiffani and John sent me a Target gift card. I was so excited to receive this for 3 reasons...

First, it's always nice to know you are appreciated (even if the "help" you gave was mostly for selfish reasons, like playing with your nieces).

Second, as I mentioned, the thank-you note and Target card came on the very day I started my new financial overhaul, and not knowing if my expenses exceed my income at this point, I don't exactly have the financial freedom to go to the grocery store and stock up on whatever groceries I want for the next two weeks. This gift card will feed me (don't get me wrong, I wouldn't have starved, but this allowed me to buy food without having to find a place from my budget to get the money from).

Third, if any of you have met Tiff, or have even heard me talk about her, you would know that Tiff LOVES and totally notices and appreciates the little things in life. And as I expected, she was so excited to hear of the divine timing of this thank you note and gift card, how it was such a blessing to me and that it came at a time that I really needed it.

So "thank you" Tiff and John!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Buy Now, Pay Later?

Unless you are independently wealthy, you have probably stressed out and even lost sleep over money, bills, debt, etc... some of us stress or lose sleep over money issues almost every single day. I am no exception. The debt that keeps me awake at night is not my car loan or student loan as those are pretty normal; it's the credit card debt that I lose sleep over.

I have always prided myself on my good credit and the fact that I never make late payments on my bills. Don't get me wrong, the above-mentioned are still true, but over the past 1+ years, I've accrued credit card debt that I am not proud of. I've gotten myself into this vicious cycle of spending money before I make it (before I get my paycheck), using my paycheck to pay most of my bills, and then my credit card to pay the rest of the bills. And then using my credit card to buy other stuff (necessities and non-necessities) along the way. And I don't know about you, but once I start accruing credit card debt, it's very easy to say, "another $20 won't make a difference," and before you know it, you've said that a hundred times! And it sure as heck made a difference. A bad difference.

So now it's time for this cycle to stop. (Because frankly, I want to sleep at night).

With the help of my parents and some trusted (and financially responsible) friends, I have created and implemented a plan. I transferred my credit card debt to a lower interest loan (the payments will come directly out of my paychecks so they will never be late). One of my very good friends is in possession of my credit cards. And my credit card statements will be mailed directly to my dad instead of me. As you can see, right now I am asking those who are closest to me to help hold me accountable to this new plan.

And this new plan is going to be very hard. It's going to severely change my standard of living - or make me live according to the standard of living that I should have been living all along. haha! But it's worth it. And I know for sure that it will teach me things, and cause me to grow in ways that I never would have otherwise.

And I don't care what the economists say, the value of a dollar just skyrocketed in my world.

So, maybe I will post every once in a while on my progress. And I certainly would welcome money saving tips or stories on how you controlled your credit card debt!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Things you secretly find funny

I think that there are things in life that we find funny, even hilarious, sometimes, that maybe others don't find so funny.

Like, someone could even get hurt, but you find it funny.

I definitely see or hear about things that, so long as no one dies and everyone is okay in the end, make me laugh.

Here is my list:
  • I LOVE when kids who use heely's (those shoes w/wheels) fall.
  • When someone leans too far back or forward in their chair and falls out of it
  • Pretty much any type of falling (like the other day I slipped on the cement and now I have a huge bruise on my knee)
  • When people run into things because they aren't paying attention
  • I like when someone who is driving like a crazy jerk trying to go around people on the freeway end up getting stuck in a lane going slower than the one they were in
  • When people trip on nothing and look down as if something huge made them stumble

I might add more things as I think of them... but please, add to the list in the comment section! If you feel guilty, just post as "anonymous."

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Obsessive Compulsive Disorders - While we may not all have an extreme case of OCD, we all have OCD's in one way or another. I thought it would be fun to hear what everyone's OCD's are!

Here are a few of mine:
  • I won't use a pen if it's supposed to have a cap and the cap is missing. I'll throw it away or give it away, but I will not use it.
  • When I drink coffee from a place like Starbucks, the hole in the lid (you know, the one used for drinking out of) MUST be lined up exactly opposite of the cup's seem.
  • Before I eat I will always make sure I don't have to go to the bathroom, blow my nose or have anything else going on that might make me uncomfortable while I eat (the only exception is if I am somewhere where it would be rude to prolong the start of the meal). Oh and I also make sure I have my napkin, something to drink if I want that, and even chapstick available if I think I'll want it.
  • If I have a paper cup with those plastic lids (you know, the kind of cup you'd get a soda/pop from at Subway) I always push down the 4 flaps that make up the hole the straw goes through. I hate the sound of the straw rubbing on the lid.
  • I always tie my hockey skates twice... as in, I lace them up and tie them and then, starting with the skate I put on first, I loosen the top 3 laces and re-tie them.
  • When I eat eggs or use them for baking, I always take out that white umbilical cord looking thing that is attached to the yolk with a fork before I make my eggs or mix in the egg to something I am baking.

I am certain I'll think of more later, but for now, I'd like to hear yours?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Since pictures are more fun than random poems I find, I figured I'd post a few from August.

This is at work on my birthday.
My very good friends Lisa (R) and Rebecca (L)
decorated my cubicle while I was away for a bit!
Was a very fun surprise and way cute!
This past weekend I went up to GR to visit the fam...
here are some pics of the girls!
Taylor chillin in a canvas "drawer" watching Cinderella

Taylor was being goofy when I took her picture =)

Hannah- chilling out in the play tunnel at my mom's house.

Way cute picture of Hannah riding in the new mini-van!
(the van has built in car seats)

Taylor loves her little kitty and is frequently seen cuddling it!

Another cute Hannah smile!

Taylor watching a movie.

Hannah Hann-ster!

Taylor discovers a juice box on the counter.
Maybe it was given to her; maybe it wasn't?
The world may never know,
and John and Tiff certainly will never know! hehe

Hannah was eating yogurt;
but she ended up wearing most of it though!

Hannah was chillaxing on the mini bean bag chair.

I took this the last night I was home.
Taylor was sleeping soundly with her arms
cuddling her little kitty.

I am so in love with these girls!!!