Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Letter To the Vikings and Chargers

Dear Vikings and Chargers,

I just wanted to apologize for your losses this year in the playoffs... and every other year you've ever lost a playoff or Super Bowl game. Anytime a decedent of the Clark family likes a team, that team becomes cursed and will never win a Championship game.

Yet, because the Clark decedents are loyal people, we refuse to cheer for any other team above the Chargers and Vikings. Unfortunately, that means that you will never win a Championship game.

On the bright side, we are your most loyal fans! And we hope that little factoid brings at least a little ray of sunshine into your lives!

Jessica (for the Clarks)

Monday, January 18, 2010

A Letter to the Chargers

Dear Chargers,

Oh how you continue to let your fans down... year after year. If only you knew how much your fans love you and count on you for a win when it mattered the most. Even though we know you will let us down, we still get our hopes up; keeping our fingers crossed, we think, "maybe this will be the year!?!" But, hark, it is never the year. Never. Ever.

Only a team like the Chargers can have a kicker with a 60+ successful kicking streak and then miss 3 kicks in a row during a play off game. Only the Chargers would kick a challenge flag, draw a 15 yard penalty, and negate the yards they just conquored. Only the Chargers would lose to a team like the Jets, THE JETS, when it really mattered.

We cheer for you week after week. We wear your shirts. We proudly display your bumper stickers on our cars. We even schedule our vacations around the possibility of your playing in the Super Bowl. And what do you give us in return? 14 points. A kicker with his head in the sand. A team with their head up their @sses.

You think you are great. You think your 11 game winning streak is impressive. Well, you're not and it isn't. What's impressive is a family who has been faithful to you for 40+ years and 3 generations (with a 4th generation who will also be faithful once they are old enough to know how to say "Chargers").

Even though you dangle carrots in front of us year after year before you rip it from our eye-sight, we are not going anywhere. No way. We are faithful. We will not let you down. We will continue to cheer you on. We will wear your colors proudly.

All we ask for in return is for a win when it matters. Just ONE win. But, if you can't pull off that one win, please, at the very least, play the game with your heads on straight rather than up your butts.


Jessica (for all the Clarks)