Monday, December 20, 2010

Countdown to Christmas Update

There are just three days left in my 25 Days of No Christmas Treats. And I've done pretty darn good!

A few of my "oops" moments:

* I had a candy cane on two seperate occasions after my bff sent me some from CA - it was 2 points on the WW program but I counted those points. And it's a yummy 2-point treat!
* I also had a three bites (total) of some Christmas cookies last night and a Hershey's kiss (with an almond in it... mmmmm).
* I had some Dove chocolates, but I figured out how many points those were, and counted them, too.

Some of my victories have include:

* baking cookies and fudge and not eating or tasting anything!
* avoiding all chocolate, cookies, and candies at work and giving away the ones that were directly given to me (the givers were unaware of this and I still expressed my gratitude at their thoughtfulness)
* eating veggies, cheese and crackers and drinking diet coke at holiday parties (very hard)
* counting and tracking everything I eat to stay on track with WW
* and my favorite victory: not only have I have I avoided gaining the 7-10 holiday pounds, I have actually lost 5.6 pounds - so in a way, I am ahead 13-15 lbs, right?

Upcoming [victorious] battles:

* Christmas Eve and Christmas Day - lots of good food (homemade bread and butter!) and goodies will be lingering around and I will need to be very strong. If I track my points, I should be good.
* New Year's Eve - I have no official plans yet, but let's face it, this day always involves eating, drinking, and being merry.
* The "after the holiday" leftovers that people litter the office with - Which, really... why make so much food if you are going to just dump it on your coworkers? As much as I love food and goodies and as much as I would be sad to see some of my favorites go, I still don't understand why holidays revolve around it. But at any rate, there are always tons of leftovers and those leftovers always find their way to the office

My wishes:

* to eat a big, fat batch of warm, slightly undercooked, Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies (and I could easily do this)
* to drink a big, fat glass of Nestle chocolate milk  :):):)

Thanks to my friends and family (coast to coast; cubicle to cubicle) who have been super supportive and who will continue to be supportive! I appreciate everyone understanding the importance of my goals and not being offended if I turn down something you offer me (or not offering me something because you know it will tempt me) so that I can keep "on track."

So, look for another update in a few weeks and I appreciate any encouragement you have to offer! =)



Kareen said...

Congratulations on your huge weight loss!!! That is fantastic!! I never diet over the holidays cuz I know I couldn't do it. You've done fabulous!!! Keep up the great work and you'll look absolutely mahvelous on the beach in your little bikini. ;)

not2brightGRAM said...

Huge Hugs and High Fives!

You're doing great, and you're right, not only have you lost, but you have AVOIDED gain, so that counts too.

You're going to look great in that bathing suit at St. John's!

Love you!

Heather said...

Nice job, Jess! Way to go!!! :)

inked33 said...

beautiful before WW, beautiful during WW... i am proud of you.

Jess said...

You have SOME willpower!!! GO JESS!!!!